Zeynep Ozkanca

Multicultural artists have a lot on their plate. The weight of the separation between their distinct roots is one that can easily be the end of many careers and\or fandoms. It’s always a responsibility to be artistically articulated as to create with your current colors, while making way for all your prior colors to shine alongside.

Jem is originally Turkish; he’s currently based in the UK. He plays Guitar and Oud, and his single ‘Lost’ speaks of the division between his two homes, in eloquence and heartfelt yearning. The music is as pained, and as organic as the words. With 2 colorful Guitar and Oud lines painting the musical outlines of the song, alongside Jem’s characterful voice. The washed-out reverb on top of his voice introduces vastness that augments the emptiness of his words as he sings “Million days without the sun, now I’m Completely lost. The final crescendo where the beat kicks in on Jem’s wailing vocal solo is a moment of surreal beauty.

Tamino is a famous face among those who happen to call home two widely different worlds. Jem is no less eloquent, able, honest, or charismatic… and Lost is a striking piece of proof.