Marking their timely return, Chasing Shadows present us with another one of their explosive and inventive alt-rock gems. ‘Lost’ is snappy, tight, pulling, and really loud.

British band with alternative sensibilities Chasing Shadows is based in the Welch town of Rhyl, and their latest cut ‘Lost’ was recorded with the support of BBC Wales Horizons/Gorwelion. Recorded way back in 2021 in the Orange Recording Studio in Penmaenmawr, North Wales, ‘Lost’ is a blistering alt rock cut that’s filled with fire-breathing riffs, emotive melodies, and creative production details, delivering a healthy meal of compiled amounts of rock, professionally recorded and mixed. 

The song’s simplistic composition is heightened by a scruffy, syncopated rhythm guitar line, deliciously overdriven, and tightly delivered. The vocals are impassioned and the performance is full of soul. There is no wonder the band is very excited to finally be releasing the single. A clear highlight of the song is the maddened guitar solo. tremolo-picked and with a tone that’s saturated with overdrive and copious amounts of delay, this is a moment that takes a second to settle in, and far longer to forget. The chorus provides a momentary lift to the song’s minor tonality, straddling the dangerous line between complimenting the song’s main tonality, and washing it away with out-of-place cheerfulness. A trick that takes capable songwriting to pull off as efficiently as Chasing Shadows do here.

‘Lost’ is a blessed return for one of Wales’ freshest and most sincere rock bands to come out in recent years. You can always count off Chasing Shadows to deliver a hefty punch of alternative rock that’s full of riff drama, gregarious tones, and soulful singing.