“You took away my worth, my privacy, my energy, my time, my safety, my intimacy, my confidence, my own voice, until now.” I didn’t find better words to describe my review for Keegan Chambers‘ latest single Look What You’ve Done.

Usually, when I get submissions I focus first on music and vocals, which already amazed me enough to accept it, frankly, I am not gonna here focus on technical stuff related to the song, because I love her voice already, it’s so powerful and it’s STRONG! Also, the music is a very energetic pop-rock tune, which is added to my music library already, and I consider it one of the best in my 2021 collection. Now, I am wondering really, why men became so frantic about women’s bodies? Is it a matter of self-esteem? Or is it a matter of unwanted desire for something they have no right for? I remember someday there was an Egyptian film in our local cinemas, it was telling the story from a different perspective, imagine one day you woke up, and women who are running for men, and men who are scared? The point of the movie is to show you what women feel every day, and how you can easily turn their normal life to hell by just saying few simple words. Keegan Chambers did a strong move really by talking about such an experience that happened back in 2018, and how was such an experience very harsh and scary as well in her own neighborhood! Can you imagine? The place that you should feel safer in, is actually the place that you’re afraid that the harasser comes after you. It’s an honor to review your single Keegan, and I am more honored to know how you did move on and speak up about such an experience. I know I will never feel what you went through, but I understand, because I hear a lot, and I believe that it’s really important to talk about….maybe someday all of this will change. You’re not a victim for sharing your story. You are a survivor setting the world on fire with your truth. And you never know who needs your light, your warmth, and raging courage. – Alex Elle  

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