Slightest Clue’s “Look At The Way She Goes” is a detailed catalog of various fabrics that you’ll surely find one of your favorites in. There are fiercely collaborating elements of alt-rock, grunge, post-punk, and dark pop that are tamed by a fascinating performance and nuanced sensibilities.

The Vancouver-based rock band Slightest Clue is the brainchild of four young talents: Malcolm Mclaren, Sean Ries, Nick Sciarretta, and Hannah Kruse, who had no clue that together they could come up with a fiery sound and resonating pieces by bringing to the table their varied backgrounds and diverse influences.

“Look At The Way She Goes” is a delightful kind of fuss that offers a heavy, grungy flair through a smooth, swaying maneuver. It’s featured in the group’s debut EP, “Twin Silver,” which is available on all streaming platforms. The single carries raw emotions and wraps them up with dark vibes, sounding both vulnerable and powerful.

The introspective lyricism helps paint quite a picture of the narrative, making the listeners play a cinematic hopeless romantic scene in their minds, and what provokes its footage is Malcolm’s engaging singing and how he delivers the story through tuneful, sentimental, yet wild vocals and a cohesive attitude.

The instrumentation plays a key role here in getting one hooked right from the intro. The clean riffs, the dense bassline, and the head-banging drumming are all conveying the mixed emotions of the theme and also providing a distinctive sonic richness. They’re in sync and blending well together, giving the feeling like they’re singing along with the vocals in one charismatic interpretation. The gem solo part is an ear-pleasing encounter that gives the listener yet another reason to be instantly enamored.

As the song progresses, it demonstrates the musicianship of each member of the quartet and how they all work together in harmony, resulting in a solid sound that can’t be found elsewhere. The natural outcome for this phenomenon is taking a look at your hand and pressing “Look At The Way She Goes” right to the repeat button for endless times!