In recent times, remote work, or working from home, has become increasingly common in various fields, including music and entertainment. Many independent artists and creators, whether professionals or amateurs, work on different international platforms. Longa is the first platform for independent artists and creatives in the fields of music and entertainment in Egypt.

After two years of study and implementation, Longa was initially launched on October 5, 2023. However, due to the events of the Palestinian uprising, the platform’s owner company (Naqada Music Management) paused its work on developing the website, and the advertising campaign was stopped. Work has been resumed in January of this year, and the platform is now available to the Egyptian community.

Longa provides a platform for artists and others working in the music and entertainment industry, such as singers, musicians, audio engineers, graphic designers, composers, and more. Currently, artists and creatives, whether professionals or talents are limited to Egypt only, but employers can enter the platform from Egypt or outside the country and hire any of the Egyptian artists and creatives. The platform is currently working on expanding its service providers beyond Egypt to the Arab world.

Longa‘s team ensures that it does not interfere with the pricing of services provided by any talent or professional on the platform. However, it clearly defines the joining criteria and the criteria for displaying prices and services, which are available in the Q&A section. Additionally, the platform’s blog features various articles that help talents and professionals during their experience on Longa.

The platform’s team is committed to providing clear instructions to customers and artists on the site. These include assistive pop-ups, as well as live support chat and email.

We hope that this experience will benefit the community and industry in Egypt and, eventually, the entire MENA region.

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