Marian Godwin

At some point in our lives, we might feel lost. Struggles and agonies take us far from the shore, and we lose sight of our home. We search for a shortcut, but there’s none. Suffering, grief, recovery, and peace are long processes, but at the end of that way, there’s home. “Long Way Home” by The Oxford Drive Band is what finding home again after a long search sounds like.

The Oxford Drive Band is a band of warriors who were brought together by music, so they could use it as a sanctuary and make out of their adversities sincere music that listeners could relate to and seek out for comfort.

“Long Way Home” is a single that feels like a warm hug after an exhausting time in one’s life with its simple acoustic chords’ progression, light bass, and soft drumming that support the cozy vibes and the soulful, genuine vocals. The whole ambience generates peace and serenity with the hopeful lyrics, lighthearted melody, and amiable, psychedelic vocals. The poetic lyrics are relevant to anyone who’s been through a tough period of their life that made them feel lost and reached rock bottom, which most of us did in the last couple years with major life changes and losses. There’s a perfect blend of soft rock, classic rock, a folk dash, and some dreamy vibes.

The story of band member Marian Godwin is remarkable. She had been through so much in her life, including the loss of her husband, having to care for her daughter on her own, and suppressing her depression until her daughter recovered, but she still managed to be that inspiring person and artist“I want to share our music with more people if we can…..ready to do that … not for fame and fortune but because music has helped me so much in good times and bad and if our music does that for someone else how great.” She stated, and “Long Way Home” is proof that her ambition was fulfilled.

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