Folk rock artist The Bicycats released a new alternative rock single aimed at artists titled “Long Game” on the 24th of February from Los Angeles, California, United States.

The Bicycats is an enticing one-man musical project by Zachary Bernstein based in Los Angeles. The latest release is an eight-track long album titled “Splendor Within Reason” with the song “Long Game” occupying its third spot.

“Long Game” is a song about an artist’s journey, and while it may not be specifically for artists only, I believe artists would relate heavily with the underlying message of the song, and it would deeply resonate.

From the title, “Long Game” is about the artistic process and the delayed gratification that many artists pursue with their creative careers. Rarely does an artist pursue a career in the creative field for fame, fortune, and instant glory, and those who do will surely be disappointed, yet those who are in it for the love of what they do wouldn’t be caught dead quitting their passion for the benefits of other career option, thus they’re playing the long game as The Bicycats puts it.

The song itself is mellow and cheerful, and will surely put you in a good mood with its heartfelt vocals, warped keyboards, and bopping bass guitar.