Thirech Som

Connected with his darkest parts, artist StarAV based in Australia released a heavy and emotive alternative rock song called “Loneliness’ that will jump-start feelings of some inevitable sadness and misery, on the 18 of November. Starting his musical journey in 2020, Star works on production and vocals, and this song is considered synth rock because there are no real instruments used for it. For this track, he was inspired by post-rock, shoegaze and the band Radiohead as guides for his canvas of sound. 

From the name, the content of the song is obvious. We’re about to hit the brick wall of pain and emotional turbulence as we listen to the lullabesque song about chronic feelings of loneliness. StarAV was able to reach into us with a high skill set of emotional and sonic connectivity to bring out this masterpiece. The overall sound of the song is a lumbering and dark collection of deep gloominess. The soundscape is a grainy, melancholic rock with a very slow pace leaving you lingering in the previous note as the song progresses.the musical arrangement is packed with heavy drum beats effects and soft outbursts of electric guitar sound effects that create a sorrowful melody. It’s soft and yearning especially from the vocals of the song. Although it’s extremely heavy on the soul the songs mirror of despair is so beautiful and true you won’t be able to stop listening.