Onyria is an alternative rock musical project founded in 2012 by lead singer Helena and guitarist-composer Simon J. Gillman. They started their career by doing some covers of famous songs after releasing their 1st record “Break the Silence” that was more on the gothic rock side. On their upcoming record “Feed the Machine” they took a heavier, more alternative approach and this appears clearly on their 1st single off that record “Living the Lie” that we’ll be reviewing today.

“Living the Lie” is a song about rebelling on society’s “perfect” standards and fake promises of a perfect life that doesn’t really exist. It starts with a heavy, groovy riff that hits you right in the face and fits the song’s subject perfectly. Moving to the verse, Simon’s guitars take a step back to give Helena the needed space to deliver the message loud and clear, they both team up and hits you again through the bridge and chorus with heavy riffs and strong, angry vocals keeping you hooked and interested, specially through the catchy chorus and that breakdown at min “2:10” will keep you headbanging till the end.
“Living the Lie” is a straightforward heavy song for heavy music lovers, it has a very touching message that’s delivered loud and clear with the perfect attitude, and I believe those lines from the chorus sums it all

Can’t you see you’re just living a lie
Don’t give up and just open your eyes
Can’t you see you’re just wasting your life
Don’t bow down and stand up for your rights

The dynamic song structure and vocal delivery will keep you focused through the whole 3:25 minutes and will leave you wanting more, can’t wait for their record “Feed the Machine” to see where they will go from there.