“Living My Life” is the song we all play in our heads whenever we have a drink at our favourite spot, everyone’s happy place. 

Even better, this song is meant to encourage a version of us where we focus on the positive, focus on self-growth and strive for healthy mindfulness.

“In the song, Living My Life, I convey that while life isn’t perfect, one can always do better and that it’s important to let go of those things that you can’t control or change.” –Anton Commissaris.

The vocals are playful and united with the instruments. They both effortlessly intertwine together, taking the listener on a spiritual journey.

The whole vibe of the song is very uplifting, soft, gentle and melodic. It radiates a unique aura of elegance, stability and hope.

Another point that must be mentioned is how Anton has composed the song so that he allows each instrument to stand out and have its 5-seconds of fame, and in the same way, he knows how to balance and play each of the sounds for a one-of-a-kind final result.

Though “Living My Life” is all about Jazz and Soul, Anton’s music also indulges in Rhythm & Blues and sometimes afro-Cuban and afro-Brazilian sounds.

“I enjoy recreating the vibe of classic sounds from the American songbook for the modern era. Each song has its own character and sound.”

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