DCxPC Live is back bringing their signature live recordings with DCxPC Live Vol. 22: Sticky Steve/Dougie Flesh & The Slashers/Jacob Danielsen-Moore/Borrowed Spark Live at Lou’s split. A record that allows us to dig deep and get to know four different folk punk artists through their killer live sets. Let me tell you more about it.

Our compilation opened with Sticky Steve‘s Cathedrals, a fun powerful acoustic tune with loads of energy. Steve‘s authentic sound and blasting enthusiasm are fused with his heavy strumming, producing a fast straight-to-the-point piece with an emotional side. Vultures hits next with an organic changing sound and a mellow flow. It has engaging vibes and a storytelling mood that keeps the listeners on board. Waves closes Sticky Steve‘s set with a heavy aggressive twist. His sharp chords and high, full-of-life vocals grab the audience’s attention and keep them hooked till the end. Borrowed Spark‘s set opened with Are You Listening, a warm acoustic tune with 90s alternative vibes and an open inviting flow. As the song progresses, we get introduced to some subtle country influences, all within its flowing dynamic structure. With a big powerful intro and stronger country influences, Man with a Different Name comes next. It has a bright-sounding structure with beautiful melodies, led by a smooth passionate vocal melody that instantly captures the listener. Steering towards a more mellow approach comes Patron Saint, the final song on Borrowed Spark‘s set. It’s a soft dreamy ballad that shows Borrowed Spark‘s different sides of writing, with its heart-hitting melodies and deep dark sound that they kept intact while smoothly crafting their dynamics into such a solid tune. Jacob Danielsen-Moore announced their arrival with Coke Dick Motorcycle Awesome, a heavy powerful tune with a deep emotional side within its hard vibes. Jacob Danielsen-Moore cements their raw sound and authentic attitude on OF (Only Fans). It has dark arpeggios and catchy vocals in an organic structure that has a natural streaming flow. Jacob Danielsen-Moore ends their set with Deep Valley, a dedication to a friend who passed away filled with melancholic melodies. It has subtly heavy chords that resonate with the heartfelt vocal delivery and lyrics, offering a sincere tune that gets the band closer to their listeners. Dougie Flesh & The Slashers brings a faster and more groovy approach as they kickstart their set with I Want to Believe. It has a punk-ish groove with a sharp acoustic tone and a heavy pace that keeps things intense and interesting. Followed by Printerdix, Dougie Flesh & The Slashers‘ heavy groovy approach, deep fat bass, and unfiltered aggressive vocals made their raw sound and style crystal clear. Ending their set and the whole record comes Something in the Shadows, it has a fast dynamic structure with driving vocals and mood-changing guitar shifts. Those interesting shifts created a hooking flow that grabbed the listeners’ attention with its raw authentic vibes.

 This is a cool compilation that allows us to check out four bands with diverse approaches and writing styles, giving the listener a chance to know their music, chemistry, and live attitude which leads to more people showing up and getting a real taste of their music. Looking forward to more, cheers!