Artist Linda released soaring classic rock single “Little Foal” ft. Nika on the 12th of August from “Linda – Trip to Myself” her upcoming album.

“Little Foal” is a fist-in-the-air rock ballad about empowering women to fly… Yes, literally, I do mean fly, as Linda dedicates this song to her gliding mentor. Now, what’s more classic rock than soaring the air with a glider? Come to think of it, “Little Foal” is a little more than a fists in the air rock song!

The vocals by Linda and Nika both go high and wide, with rocking high notes and immersive harmonies throughout “Little Foal”. The melodies are catchy in the chorus, pumping in the verses, and awesomely deliver each line of the motivational lyrics with high energy. The biting belts of Linda’s screams take the performance to a whole other level.

The production and instrumentation of instantly hooked me on “Little Foal” from the intro. A subtle nostalgic feedback effect that immediately goes into beast-mode classic rock, with high-gain guitars, banging drums, and loud cymbals. The guitar solo immediately kicks the track off on some powerful notes, followed by the calmer buildup of the verse. The song’s production sounds modern, yet enjoys a great dynamic range of the era before the loudness war

“Little Foal” is a wonderful and energetic single by Linda & Nika, and it’s unlike anything I’ve seen or heard from any of the rock sub-genres. It’s truly unique in its topic and very well done. We’ll be looking forward to her upcoming album “Linda – Trip to Myself” to hear the new directions Linda takes, and as for “Little Foal” I personally admire how Linda went skyward.