Dave Belding

This latest single from the Long Island native Dave Belding is an intriguing amalgam of elements, sounds, influences, and colors. 

Dave Belding is a musician and a family man from New York. What he does, in his own words, is lay out his purest emotions onto the recording, with little to no regard for genres or traditional conventions. The results are, as we can hear in Little Dancer, a sound that’s totally novel. Progressive and distinguishable from the few peers. 

Little Dancer is a weird cut that’s equally bright as it is haunting. The introduction is a horrific mix of dissonance and creeping, lulling rhythms, joined together in a moment of musical horror. This remarkable intro smoothly evolves into a section with intricate guitar work and tribal beats which gives way to Dave’s beautiful singing. Dave’s lyrics are very eloquent and colorful. The poetic musings on this song were written about his five-year-old daughter, who’s in fact, the Little Dancer. The horror ensues in the lengthy coda in which we find Dave providing his daughter with the precious fatherly advice to help her navigate her way through any negativity that she might face in her life, and it’s done to an unsettling backdrop that adds a lot of weight to the words. These are not empty words intended to comfort, on the contrary, life for Dave is disturbing, and this backdrop amplifies this outlook.

Little Dancer is an interesting and colorful affair. Not all the colors are pretty, but that was the intention. Dave is an honest songwriter and a genuinely caring father, and while his latest song isn’t necessarily suitable for kids, it’s a heartfelt message that will hopefully resonate with his Little Dancer when the day comes.