Spider Cherry’s ‘Little Bit Shy’ is a striking display of Spider Cherry’s whimsical and quirky musical identity, and it takes the form of an absolute banger that works wonderfully on nearly every perceptible level.

Floridian, based in Boca Raton is the southern tip of the state, Spider Cherry is the artistic moniker of British-born Nathan Mercado, and while this song is called ‘Little Bit Shy’, Mercado is admitting that he never had trouble getting noticed. If you know nothing about Mercado or Spider Cherry other than ‘Little Bit Shy’, this statement from Mercado will be easily believable.

The bold musical shifts from verses to choruses, effervescent melodies, crystal clear production, and sweet Latin flairs in the chords, all contribute to make ‘Little Bit Shy’ an outstanding piece of pop. This fantastic composition calls to mind infinite pop classics from the 90s. Songs by legends such as Backstreet Boys, 5ive, N-Sync, or Britney Spears who made a habit of using similar Latin elements in their songs, also made a habit of being as well produced as this song here.

Even the video, in which Spider Cherry is playing the role of a fully grown-up infant, in diapers and all, is put together with such high production value that made us wonder exactly what is stopping Spider Cherry From becoming a household name. We found no answer.

With everything from rocking choruses to haunted-house group chants in the melodic Latin verses and to the airy, soft keyboards on the bridge, ‘Little Bit Shy’ makes a stance as a thoroughly well-put-together piece of pop music. Nathan Mercado is quite an interesting creative that deserves far more attention than what he’s receiving.