The intro of the song has an interisting, galactic ambience with techno tunes in the first few seconds. Then it switches to a nice electric guitar, bass and drums combo that feels silky-smooth in the ears, specially while wearing headphones.


The gentle, breathy vocals beautifully accompanies the instruments throughout the song, while the lyrics of the song takes you through the journey of an evolving relationship and is a tale of personal growth. 


The chorus of the song kind of evoques a melancholic, bittersweet distant memory, while the song ends with nicely with a guitar outro that echoes away.


The single has just been released on February 18th, a funky, fresh song that encourages this over-quarantined world to get up, move and groove. 


Even more, their debut EP received an exclusive week-long feature on 94.9 The Rock radio station in Toronto, Canada. 


The band was formed in 2020 by Rummy Kandola and Don Beaudoin in Vancouver, BC, Canada. They combined their love for storytelling-songs with quality guitars and vocals. 

Their dream is to tour and play shows worldwide in the near future. You can help them by listening to their music on Spotify or Soundcloud , with other songs like ‘The Fall’, ‘Mercenary’ and ‘Heroes’. They’re also on Youtube , Facebook and Instagram .


Mercedes Thomas