NASHVILLE, TN  –  Lindsey has a message for the middle of your healing – “Don’t Let Them In.” The sophomore single from the alt-rock artist is a musical shield from fears, ‘what ifs’ and negativity. Dark production, heavy guitar and excruciatingly vulnerable lyrics create a sonic rollercoaster of inner turmoil and mending from the depths of Lindsey’s soul.

“When you’re in the middle of healing it’s hard to trust yourself – and especially others – because of the fear of making a mistake and falling into old cycles. The “what ifs” swirling at the back of your mind can be deafening,” exposes Lindsey. “Trust is earned and shouldn’t be freely given because not everyone has the best intentions.”
“Don’t Let Them In” heads a warning during the healing process. Combating fears and using all obstacles as an opportunity, Lindsey won’t let others dictate her own growth by leaving her fate in the wrong hands.

“Don’t Let Them In” follows the release of her debut single “Save Me” – both part of her Out Of The Ashes musical series. “Lindsey has a real talent for unveiling dark topics in a way that is relatable and musically appealing,” states Dawn DeJongh, owner of Burning Ground Entertainment. For more on Lindsey, visit and follow @lindseyrockss on Instagram and @lindseyrocks on TikTok.


Press via Kore PR