Yes! Lindsey’s latest track has been finally released and this time she has joined forces with one of the world’s rock princesses Lzzy Hale from HaleStorm.
As you can see and hear, this track is quite different from what we’re used to hearing from Lindsey. Yes, still the same fantasy theme, except this time it’s taken a Rock-Dub Step turn… and what an amazing turn it is! In the “behind- the- scenes” video, Lindsey tells Lzzy what this song means to her as she explains how the ballerina trapped in a snow globe in a way symbolizes her in her hard times of eating- disorder and being obsessed with the perfect world. That’s when Lzzy went back into the recording chamber and gave it her all, expressing what any of us would feel if were in that ballerina’s place, to shatter the walls of perfection and stereotyping. To be who we want to be!

In the video, Lindsey takes the role of the ballerina while Lzzy as her sub-conscious self, hidden yet screaming to break free! So without further ado, make sure you listen to full track and I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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