Jim McKay

Onism E is an American four-piece indie rock band whose main focus is building a connection with the listener through the emotions channeled through their music and man, they know how to do this. Their upcoming single “Lin Manuel” will be out on the 26th of May, 2022 and it deals with a lot of emotions that came with the unfortunate 2020 pandemic. 

Jim McKay

With a haunting groovy bassline and a fading guitar melody “Lin Manuel” starts. I must say that this song had me from the very beginning with Eline Chavez’s poetic vocal delivery and guitarist Chris ‘Lefty’ Vargas’ classic overdriven guitar tune and those licks he kept on throwing everywhere till we reached that rocking solo. There’s a perfect chemistry between drummer Raj Arenas’ jazzy energetic playing and bassist Chris ‘CeeRod’ Rodriguez’s groovy lines that played a major part in the whole song’s mood. “Lin Manuel” feels like an emotional trip led by a mesmerizing natural flow and progression from a moody slow intro into a heavier sound, especially when reaching the “…sometimes I wanna scream” part, I really felt that!

“Lin Manuel” will transmit a lot of heavy emotions your way all through well-crafted, well-written melodies with zero showing off, just Onism E’s good music writing skills and that’s what good music is all about. If you dig it, you’ll become an instant fan as I became and will definitely be keeping an eye on them. Looking forward to more, cheers!


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