Alien Country is the solo project by the sci-fi twist/country rock artist, Liam Marcus. Recently, he released his new album “Like My Life Depends On It”

Torres began playing the piano when he was eight years old and electric guitar at 13. Despite his musical influences either for iconic guitarists or bands, that didn’t become a lack to have his own original sound. He says, “I want my fans to have fun. Even if they’re having a bad day, I hope to put a smile on their faces and get ‘em tappin’ their toes”

“Like My Life Depends On It” artwork by Hugh Syme; the art director of Rush and and has created astounding artwork for The Outlaws, The Allman Brothers, The Band, Brian Setzer and The Stray Cats, and more.

Track List:

1. So Called Friends feat. Peyton Lane
2. Reality Check feat. Peyton Lane
3. Forced Game
4. Desire
5. Tell Me So
6. I Can’t Say I Blame You
7. Mommy Dearest
8. Remedy
9. Going to Enjoy This
10. Hold Me
11. How It Could Have Been
12. No One Is Coming for You Tonight
13. Remedy Remix

The album includes 13 tracks with a nice variety of blues, rock, country and more. Songs are really impressive with a nice harmony and his singing gives a nice space atmosphere. Liam states, “Above all, my music is fun and my fans say it makes them happy. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters to me.”