Dynamic & melodic, grapevine’s latest single ‘Like an Oasis’ is a colorful pop tune that sounds positively different with its compressed beats and upbeat composition.

Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, grapevine. is a singer and songwriter whose real name is Will Clucas. Specialized in a brand of uber-colorful indie pop, Clucas is presenting us with his latest single ‘Like an Oasis’, an engaging pop tune that’s quite energizing with its whistling synths, playful, overdriven guitars, and Clucas’s own charismatic, boyish charm.

A summer anthem, ‘Like an Oasis’ is ready to rock some alternative parties and road trips. Being far removed from the usual house and dance music that fuels summery nightlife, ‘Like an Oasis’ is an exquisitely crafted summer banger with its tropical vibes and a dynamic groove. The melodies and the subdued vocals, along with the synthetic melodies, all make for a delightful earworm for some fans with specialized musical tastes. Produced by Jamie Donnelly, grapevine. states that the pair have found solid footing with a sound that works for them, as well as delivering something new and fresh for Clucas’s growing audience, with ‘Like an Oasis’ being his third successful single thus far.

We can certainly vouch for the summertime goodness of ‘Like an Oasis’. A fresh piece of music that sounds wholesomely peppy and fun, while being adequately intricate and musically nuanced. grapevine. has just delivered his third winner.