A tribute to Captain Beehart’s song “Abba Zappa” from Psychedelic’s first album “Safe As Milk,” Los Angeles-based indie musician and sound designer Dino DiMuro presents his latest release “Like An Almond Joy,” influenced by almost the structure of Beehart’s song, but with variations. Distinctive melodic. She leaves you with a different impression that doesn’t leave you while you listen to her, and your mind can’t even comprehend how different she is.


“Like An Almond Joy” is a fully self-recorded single by Dino, and the reason why Dino has recorded such tracks seems to be a way of expressing how much he respects the music of his ancestors who still make something different for this world.

One of Dino’s staunch beliefs about music is that no matter how hard you try to imitate someone else’s music, you’ll always make your mark, and that’s what it feels like to hear “Like An Almond Joy” from the very first seconds of the song.

In many of the releases Dino has produced since the mid-1980s, he has played everything except drums, and on recent albums, he has taken on the role of the percussionist. Dino released a series of albums in the 1980s and 1990s. His music is described as “Walt Disney on Acid” and is often compared to Frank’s

Zappa, Captain Bephhart. Featured on Keyboard, Alternative Press, and BAM, he’s now running a solid schedule of two to three CDs a year.