Josh Brady

The latest track by Leo Aram-Downs is an eight-minute musical journey with many styles and influences integrated. “Like A Lantern, She Awakens” begins with a calm 2-minute intro before guitars enter and play a neoclassical part that showcases the guitarist’s skills. Leo’s voice sounds angelic and soothing until he uses a different effect/pedal. The coolest thing about the track is the transitions it makes just when you feel like a section is getting repetitive or boring. One of the biggest surprises was the groovy section near the end when the bass guitar plays a booming line and Leo sings the words “you either live by the sword or you die by it” in an eerie and monstrous way. “Blown away” is the first feeling I got when I heard the 8-minute masterpiece “Like a Lantern, She Awakens”. Some people might think it’s a bit long but it is worth every second I promise. Never-ending amazement strikes me with every tempo/time change. The atmosphere it sets takes you to a whole new mind state. It made me feel like I’m in a Tim Burton movie that was so warm and fun at the start, followed by an epic sword fight. The key change in the and the very tight bass line (chain) is just perfect. The guitar lines and solo felt like they originate from a whole new universe. I would say if you’re a prog head or like neoclassical stuff this is the song for you. It has everything in it and it is a very soul-touching experience.