“Like A Fire” by Grayson Foster is one of those songs that combines all the beautiful elements from which it’s influenced by and creates a sound that’s unique and catchy in its own right. At its core, this is a straight to the point indie rock/pop-rock track and you may think that’s all there is to it….bt let me tell you what makes it more than just that.

For starters, the song begins with a breathy chest voice, characteristic of 2010’s alternative and indie singles….this is where you can already anticipate the vocal line will be catchy and tempting to sing along to. Shortly after, some melodic guitars join and I can already name some bands and artists which I think influenced this.

The soft drumming during the verses and the lo-fi way the guitar plays its progression make for a very soothing and uplifting atmosphere. This is further stressed upon when an electronic synth joins during the chorus and the vocals become grittier and raspier to instigate that sense of empowerment and positivity that late 2000s alternative pop and pop-rock bands always liked to focus on.

With a simple and easy to follow melody, come straightforward and catchy lyrics, a clean guitar tone, and a happy-sounding progression. The recipe makes Grayson Foster‘s sound so unique because it bridges so many gaps between catchy accessible pop and a more creative rock-ish sound. I recommend this track if you’re into songs that rely on strong instrumentation and powerful vocals to create a catchy sound.