Everybody was waiting for the 22nd of September. Why is that? Cause that Life Starts Now have been released on that special date! After a break lasted for the 3 years, Three Days Grace are back with another mind blowing album after their smash hit album One-X.

Three Days Grace are:

  • Adam Gontier: Lead vocals, rhythm guitar.
  • Barry Stock: Lead guitar.
  • Brad Walst: bass guitar, backing vocals.
  • Neil Sanderson: Drums, backing vocals.

“Break” their first single, is the second track on the album. When you first listen to the song, you are defiantly sure they are Three Days Grace, but they have got something new. The video is out on YouTube; don’t see it!

Let’s talk about the tracks in order.

“Bitter Taste” is the first track. It starts pretty strong, with the same traditional music of TDG. Lyrics are great. He is standing up for himself, and letting go of his lover, or friend, and not being under their control. As the lyrics go “So long, so long, I have erased you. I have escaped. The bitter taste of you”. This song considers to have best drum line in the whole album, and ends with an awesome guitar solo , that is a start of a new age of soloing by TDG by the lead guitarist Barry Stock.

“Break” as I said is the second track, and I have heard it on the radio before I could have access to the album. This is a POWERFUL track! It is when the bass can talk! It’s really one of the best bass lines in the whole album… Also the guitar riff is very catchy. A guitar solo which totally fits the track. As you could realize from the title, it’s a shout out to youth, to all people to get it from their shell and go to somewhere, or do something they like. The chorus is amazing and it contains a message eventually.

“Break, away from everybody. Break, away from everything.

If you can’t stand the way this place is, take yourself to higher places”

“World so Cold” track three. One of my favorite tracks in this album. There is a great shift in the meaning of the lyrics, comparing to the 2 tracks before. He now gets a little weak, when abandoned by his lover. It would kinda remind you of “Over and Over” from their One-X. As for the composing of this track it shows something special for TDG. There is a nice riff in the intro using good effect by Barry Stock. This song is a MUST listen to!

“Lost in You” is the fourth track on the album. Let me tell the truth, it didn’t meet my expectations. It’s not as heavy as the previous tracks, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad! The lyrics are nice, it’s kinda romantic –LOL. I would give it a 4 outta 10.

Wait! Better tracks are coming!

“The Good Life” is the fifth track, and it’s just plain weird! They used some voice morphing shit that just doesn’t fit with the track at all. However it starts with a powerful riff at the intro, but then ups and downs are in the song. And also Brad Walst shows another great bass line. It has a new lyrical theme that talks about living his life, in the good way and enjoying it. And no, not their style =

“No More” Track number six. Didn’t meet my expectations too when I first listened to it. But at the middle it gets good, and Adam is who makes it good. Neil tries to vary his way of drumming through the song. And the lyric doesn’t make sense either, or I believe so! Just the pre-chorus is very well written.
“I can’t stop the rain. But I can stop the tears. Oh I can’t fight the fire. But I can fight the fear” Just a 6 outta 10 if you may ask.

The best track on the whole album, the seventh track “Last to Know”. Every single person who listened to this track couldn’t stop listening to it. Pain and sorrow are crystal clear in this track, and the arrangement helps in making a great portrait of the track. Starting with a piano intro then followed by simple acoustic guitar chords, then the track starts to go up and up to complete this sorrow scene, and eventually comes down again in the outro with the same lovely piano sound.The lyrics are indescribable. He addresses is ex, then turns to talk to her now boyfriend!
The first chorus goes

“You were the first to say, that we were not okay.

You were the first to lie, when we were not alright.

This was my first love. She was the first to go.

And when she left me for you, I was the last to know”

The he ends up saying

“I’ll be the first to say, that now I’m okay.

And for the first time, I’ve opened up my eyes.

This was my worst love. You’ll be the first to go.

And when she leaves you for dead, you’ll be the last to know”

“Someone Who Cares” the eightieth track. It kinda starts like “Break” feels like you’re going through the album from the beginning and you may even think it’s boring! But wait, and give this track a chance. He may be repeating himself in the same lyrical theme. About feeling alone and no one caring about him blablabla, but who cares! I love the music, guitars and bass are amazing, drumming is way too good, and Adam sings powerfully as usual, and actually the lyrics are not that bad. And it’s a very jumpy song. An 8.5 outta 10!

“Bully” track number nine. Just now you realize there is something new in the album. The song starts with a school-like-sounds in the background for the first 12 seconds. The choruses and hooks were trite, uninviting, and stagnant. Nice heavy metal jamming on this one though.

“Without You” track number nine. Nothing special about this track, but it has this kinda chorus that you would sing it when you’re alone, and a very good guitar solo towards the end.

“Goin’ Down” Number ten. Very Catchy. Starts with a basic bass tapping along to generic drums. However, the chorus here is such a letdown! It goes

“You’re going down! You’re going down, down.

You walk all over me, you never thought I’d be

the one whose laughing now. Now that you’re going down”

The last track “Life Starts Now”. You’d think they’ve left the best for the last, but then you’d get wacked! Okay, it’s not horrible, but how could you name the album after such a “normal” track? You will defiantly forget about it after you finish listening to it, or you may listen to it and change it to the following track…Nothing about it!

That’s all for that album Life Starts Now, it won’t catch your attention much, and probably you’d memorize at least more than 4 songs on it. Comparing to One-X can’t lie, One-X is loads much better than this one! It hadn’t a mistake 😀 But yea, this is just Three Days Grace; you can’t say they’re bad. Bottom of line… the freaking album, download it, do whatever you do, just GET it!