If you had to pick three words to describe how a fulfilled divine life on earth would be, what would your choice be? For Mark Winters, it’s got to be love, devotion, and legacy, and I think in his single, “Life of 3,” he was very persuasive and drew quite a picture of what a life revolved around these three would be like.

The Texas-based prolific artist Mark Winters seamlessly and proficiently shows all how to get inspired by the daily life scenes. His single “Life of 3,” which is a part of the album “Slipstream” that was released in 2019, is drawn from a car ride from Los Angeles to San Diego and seeing a warm view of a family in their van. The moment itself might happen somewhere every day, but not everybody takes a deep, meaningful look at it, and definitely not everyone can write a touching, vivid song about it like Winters can.


The witty artist tells us the tale in a devotional narrative with smooth, melodic vocals, while the single is powered by mesmerizing riffs that are softly played. The percussion adds an upbeat touch to the overall soothing atmosphere. All of the elements work together to make the listeners feel as if they’re sitting in the car next to Mark Winters and seeing the amiable sight with him.

The arrangement makes one feel like they’re out there in their car, enjoying a breezy car ride while a warm, light sunray comes and goes, adding a cozy vibe. As always, the lyrics have a poetic tendency, showing Winters’ love for poetry and his prowess with writing in an appealing, sentimental manner.

“Life of 3” is the kind of song that makes you see life from a distinct, authentic perspective. It dives into the soul and plants an eagerness to embrace every second of life and the presence of people who matter to one in it.

While enjoying the song, you should know that Mark Winters’ music is diverse and showcases his unique artistic identity and exhibits his remarkable rock/pop musical fusion. Click here to see his previous features in our magazine, of which I was fortunate enough to write a couple.