Matthew Smith

According to some beliefs and horror movies, salt could make ghosts go away. But, what about the ghosts of memories? How do you stop them from hunting you? Or should we learn how to live with them peacefully? With a touching and aching storytelling, Moraine is giving us their own experience through their killer sound.

Moraine is a band located in Baltimore and consists of four talented guys: Jason Brohm on (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Tanner Spaulding on (Guitar), Drew Wagner on (Bass/Vocals), and Chance Brunner on (Drums). They’ve been developing their sound for a while now till they’ve reached their shuffled genres’ distinct trademark.

“Life In This Hunted House” is freshly out on October 14th. It carries their heavy sound of blending Alt-Rock, Grunge, and Emo. Their hardcore music expresses them well, and the chemistry between them is obvious in how it mashes perfectly. Each one of them is skilled in his arena and combines the rest to make all of them stand out without any element outshining the other. The spicy riffs, clean bass lines, and jumpy drumming are all on point and deliver the sensations, particularly the passionate, exquisite solo part with backing vocals that sound like cold ghosts wandering around.

The instrumental makes the song fiery and engaging, but it has such a melancholic theme. It’s capturing band member, Jason Brohm’s experience with his grandmother, whom he lived with until she was diagnosed with advanced vascular dementia and needed to move to an assisted living facility, describing with a moving narrative how the empty house feels after she’s gone.

The vocals deliver the pain lying within the experience and the confusion of getting hurt by the memories, by the unrelated present, and by the idea of trying to cope. There’s a raw, raspy tone in it, yet a soft, vulnerable timbre that sounds hurt and angry.

And because the quartet are giving attention to every detail and care to offer a polished work, even the artwork is highly relevant and portrays the hunting house through the gloomy, sophisticated piece of art with the ghosts who feel like sucking the life out of the man lying on the couch that’s no longer as warm as it used to be.

It must be a tough experience, but Moraine is giving us hope through their pleasant-to-hear music that no matter what the ghosts are hunting us, we can let go and cast them out.