In his latest release titled Life Goes On, esteemed musician and music producer Anthony Casuccio mourns his late mother, but not in your typically sad-song type of way. The song has very beautiful and reminiscent lyrics, decorated by a positive, loving, and upbeat instrumental that will get you to think of your loved ones, appreciate them, and sink in your own memories with them. 

The song begins with a few clean guitar chords that feel and smell like our days of youth, accompanied by lyrics that help you visualize your parents’ room and their presence. By the time we reach the chorus, Anthony’s voice interlocks with the guitar melodies against a backing choir that’s so heaven-sent it will raise the hairs on the back of your neck. 

While the guitars are soft and bright, the drums and bass propel the rhythm along the emotional rollercoaster that Anthony put us on since the start of the song. There’s a mini breakdown leading to a world class guitar solo, and I’m a sucker for those in such a ballad-ish type of song. You can tell by the clean production, the different drum sounds and how they change from one song section to the other…you can tell that this man is a production genius. 

All in all, this song made me think of my late father, think of all my memories of him, and reflect on all those dear moments as I closed my eyes to visualize them. That’s just how strong and impactful Amthony made the song…and the best part about it is that it does not have a gloomy or dark approach to get those feelings across. Give this song a spin, and I guarantee you will be repeating for days on end as you think of your loved ones, just like I did.