“Life at the Top” by Christina Winterfell is where raw sentiments melt inside the heat of energetic melody and result in a number that moves both bodies and emotions.

Christina Winterfell is a prolific woman who hits one achievement after another as a pro. Her professional job is being a social educator, behavioral scientist, and KBT coach, and her daily super-role is being the mother of two teenage sons. Also, she’s written and illustrated children’s books in Swedish and English for five years, as well as working as a radio presenter. Surely what I will fixate on is her mesmerizing musical prowess, but seriously, is there a thing that this ravishing lady can’t do?!

Her recent soaring single, “Life at the Top,” is clear and ample evidence of her talent and musicianship. The Rock/Pop hybrid song has all it takes to make one instantly charmed. It has a retro vibe, yet it’s executed futuristically enough to show how Christina is coming strongly to the music scene and is ready to not just mingle with the present-day atmosphere but rather to stand out.

From intro to outro, the song is bursting with both graceful and vibrant rhythms that offer a colorful mood boost. The catchy guitar work demands attention, especially at the fiery solo part, and the bouncy drumbeat urges one to get up and dance. Nevertheless, what effortlessly shines are Christina’s crystal vocals, which sound like an euphoric celebration of life. She has a dulcet tone and an impassioned timbre that go well with the levitating musicality. The track is complemented by a music video that carries that same festival spirit. The video features the skilled artist herself and illustrates how life at the top could be.

The Stockholm-hailing, captivating musician is ready to capture minds and hearts with her distinct artistry and ethereal vocals. Based on her many talents and crafts, I’m confident she still has more!