With deep roots in the world of hard rock and heavy metal, the Belgium-based headbangers Painted Scars dropped their debut single Life and Alive on the 14th of July 2023. A clear demonstration of their unstoppable energy and hooking sound, Life and Alive will leave you waiting for more but not for long, as the guys prepare to drop their debut EP very soon. But first, let’s dig deeper into Life and Alive together. 

Painted Scars powerfully introduced themselves with heavy groovy riffs and ear-piercing badass vocals right from Life and Alive’s intro, cementing their attacking sound and energetic flow. Painted Scars cleverly crafted a solid, extremely dynamic structure with relentless flow and mood-boosting riffs, sending the listeners off their seats headbanging to their pounding drumming and intense guitars as they shred their way through the world of heavy metal, offering a uniquely interesting sound to a tricky genre where a lot of bands fall into the trap of repetition. Their wailing guitars, charismatic vocals, and groovy flow kept the energy high from start to end and the fans were fully hooked and entertained. 

Life and Alive is a pure heavy metal tune that shows Painted Scars’ well-knowledge of their direction and influences and their top-notch writing skills in the way they steered those influences, mixing them with their unique touch to create something modern and their own. Looking forward to more from Painted Scars, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!