Akila Photography

A bright soulful artist comes to us with her melodious smooth voice, “Kat.” A self-made singer, songwriter, and storyteller coming from London who has created an awesome rock pop release that is perfect for this breezy autumn weather called “Liar Liar.” 

Once the music played and she started singing, it took me back to when this was created and released because her voice reminded me of some of the classic performers from the 1980s, like Etta James, Joan Jett, Tina Turner, and Cyndi Lauper. I was stunned that such a beautiful voice and style still exist.

The song has a gritty rock atmosphere, with a guitar playing at the beginning and a subdued bass guitar playing throughout. Through the lyrics, she conveys strong feelings of a failed relationship built on lies that ended in a breakup that will be regretted by the person who wasn’t faithful enough to maintain the love between them.

This was inspired by a true experience Kat went through. Also, being influenced by the artists Sia, Bishop Briggs, Jeff Buckley, and Prince made her music style interestingly awesome and it combines modern and classic genres.

A great band behind this great song is Tosh Mihalev on Drums, Adam on the Guitar, and Joe Lavinzki on the bass. They all have worked on this song with immense love for music and performing. An official video is out where Kat sings what she endured and connects it through her fans to empower all of us throughout our hardships!