There’s a whole log going on behind Rain Carnations latest release, Liar.

This San Diego native was an 80s kid, and in his music, we find music of the 80s, given a modern makeover. You can pull the threads and find an actual influence behind each sound, and it’s honestly a fun exercise, as the number of different influences behind his music is actually astonishing.

Ranging from Cocteau Twins all the way to Type O Negative and passing by In Vitriol and Biffy Clyro in the middle, Liar is a song that feels universal. The sound has synthwave at its core. Modern and expansive. Great airy synths dominate the landscape along with the emotive, heartfelt singing of Rain Carnation. The song is the finale of a 4-part story of the artist himself, culminating with Liar, the grandest of the 4 parts. It’s bad the lyrics feel lightly buried in the mix, not given ample space to shine and to put the story in the spotlight. It is a story of loss and being hurt by the lies of someone you trust. A story of going through the heartbreak and learning how to wipe out painful memories. The sound is inviting and large, with driving beats and a steady, throbbing synthetic bass. It’s the kind of song that grows on you in multiple listens.

Rain Carnation finished up his quadrology with this elegant piece of synthwave. Borrowing the dreamy nature of the composition from the hazy catalog of Cocteau Twin, and the driving, slow beats from the depths of Type O Negative’s offerings. A lazy sound that will keep you hooked.