Steep Hill’s music might be the best representation possible for the term Country Gentleman Rock -with the four school friends reuniting for beers, years after the school had ended, and deciding that they share a passion for writing loud songs, recording them, and playing them for whoever will listen, we can listen to such hearty classic rock as their latest song ‘Let’s Go’.

Steep Hill is the Oxford-based band of the Lincolnshire school friends Jack Halls, Ben Byatt, and Stuart Shrubb, accompanied by Michael Rowley’s drums. The four-piece’s music is clearly influenced by some of the greater classic rock bands to have graced our planet. With ‘Let’s Go’ we can cherish some hearty frontman yells, meaty bass tones, sludgy overdriven riffs, and some twisting song structures.

Probably landing somewhere between the freeform blues of Led Zeppelin and the stone-hard rock of Deep Purple, ‘Let’s Go’ is both bluesy and driving. Shock-full of attitude, ‘Let’s Go’ rumbles and proceeds with grace and confidence, driven by the riffs, solos, and unerring beats, while a roomy production creates a cozy mix that’s loaded with ample space that alleviates claustrophobia and maintains enough tightness to the performances from the band’s 4, definitely passionate performers.

Rocking, loose, and charming, ‘Let’s Go’ is a song that does not take itself too seriously, letting us have a fun ride along while the musicians are clearly having a blast, and after all, this is all that really counts.