Waves of depression can hit you hard and make you feel alone as you walk down a park on a cold winter night, if that happens to you and you, I’d recommend listening to “Let the Sinners Fly” by Second Adam & the New Creations – Trust me when you will never feel alone again when you have this track. Let me review this amazing masterpiece for you. From my point of view, the vocalist stole the spotlight. The weight of each lyric spoken throughout the song denotes every emotion he emits. How he was able to take our breath away by applying the needed air pressure to enunciate every word is just mind-blowing…I guess that’s why I felt emotionally connected to this song. The guitar riffing is similarly gripping, as it feels really close to that of post-Ozzy era Black Sabbath. The drum line was the beast of the song, not gonna lie. This Drummer knows how and when to play every note to enhance the song, and not steal the show from the rest of the band. The recording quality itself may be the divisive aspect when it comes to this track. The guitars and vocals feel similar to the era they are influenced by, wherein I suspected it was recorded in an old-school analogue way or like a live demo. But regardless of that, the drums were thunderous in the chorus and calm during the verses, and this is only achievable through this particular style of production. At the end of the day, everything felt perfectly balanced. I am really astounded and looking forward to hearing more from this group in the future.