Lykke Stjernswärd

The air is filled with sharpened pencils and new sneakers smell as it’s time to get ready for school. Benedicta Syran’s “Let Me Be” was recently released in sync with school time to provide young teens out there with something they need and won’t find in stationery stores.

Hailing from London, the inspiring Benedicta Syran, who has Norwegian, Swiss, and British nationality, is a multifaceted artist as she is a singer, songwriter, actress, and performer. She’s certainly interested in using her many gifts to send an empowering message to whoever needs it.

Along with the brilliant producer, Si Hulbert, Benedicta Syran has made a vibrant version of her song, “Let Me Be,” that was released as an acoustic one last year. You can feel the spark and soul-boosting in this version with the Pop, Soft Rock, and Soul smoothy fusion with the Gospel dazzling touch.

“Let Me Be” starts off with Syran’s silky, soothing vocals wondering: “What can I do? Where am I going?” With a confident timbre, she’s portraying how one can be lost and can’t set a direction for their lives, yet they’re the only ones that should decide where to go, when to go, and when to stop. The energizing lyricism is all about conveying this message and inspiring you to be whoever you want to be, no strings attached.

Besides Syran’s bright, soulful voice, the instruments and how they’re all arranged help spread a positive, heartfelt atmosphere. The blended sound is fresh and encouraging, and the backing vocals offer more spirit to the single. Thanks to the sincere message and honed production, “Let Me Be” is ready to be an anthem that gets played every morning to get ready to face the world.

“Let Me Be” below serves as a reminder of your own potential. Additionally, you can send it to anyone that needs to back off and let you to be yourself.