All the way from the city with a long and glimmering musical history, Scott Clay releases his latest single “Let It All Lay Bare”…the Nashville artist created a rock pop fusion that lets itself get laser etched into our minds the moment we heard it.

“Let It All Lay Bare” has some of the biggest and widest sounding guitars… absolutely mountainous…

…Scott’s vocals soar high above that musical mountain, even high than its peaks…flying with emotions and musicality, the vocal melodies have such rich harmonic and sonic qualities to them.

The music has some folk and maybe country influences that evolved into a more rock direction…while being accessible to all audience types…you just need to be a fan of good music to fall in love with “Let It All Lay Bare”.

…and of course, there’s a soulful rockin’ guitar solo, rest assured.

“Let It All Lay Bare” is the opening song and also the title track of Scott’s fifth studio album and it’s all about intimacy and letting people into your world and into your heart…but there is another layer, a deeper layer to the lyrics…a more personal one…and that it’s inspired by Scott’s own desire for a deeper relationship with his pensive, stoic father.

This is when art transcends being just a piece of art…it’s life, it’s our own humanity put into tunes, beats and melodies…and evolving into something that anyone in the world, no matter from where or when even, could relate to it…connecting the world together through the power of our humanity.

We wish all the best to Scott and we can’t wait to experience more of his approach to creating art through music.


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