Pensive and contemplative in its own distinct way, ‘Lesson Number Two’ is a new single by Bob Gemmell that focuses on a solemn concept using a blend of dramatic alt-country and jubilant rock and roll.

Based in Santa Cruz, California, Bob Gemmell is a singer and songwriter of Big Medicine Head, a local group, as well as a solo artist. ‘Lesson Number Two’ is one more of his 2024 singles. A song that treats the idea of watching a loved one, in this case, Bob’s mother, prepare for departing life and choosing what message to leave behind, there was little room for light in ‘Lesson Number Two’.

So, it came as a surprise that Gemmell’s maturity in handling the topic left ample room for hope and retribution in the song’s somber atmosphere. The song starts with a cozy but restrained country atmosphere that’s built around acoustic guitar arpeggios, shimmering pianos and electric guitar lines, and Bob Gemmell’s vocals. The mood then eventually changes into a delightfully roomy rock and rock and country section as Gemmell starts to sing about his departed mother. A dramatic shift that introduces a great amount of hope to the song’s sad core, even manages to extend beyond this section, painting the next one as well in lighter colors as the song returns to its pensive starting melodies.

Beautifully orchestrated and written, ‘Lesson Number One’ manages to find comfort in very dark corners then proceed to fluently convey it through a rich arrangement and a capable production job.