Crunchy new single from Solar Jam is an impeccable alt-rock song that is just ridiculously well thought out and executed. ‘Lemonade’ is a handsome cut that begs to be replayed and appreciated on all levels there are.

Hailing from Birmingham, England, Solar Jam is a 4-piece rock outfit who are – in their own words- “the indie rock powerhouse that we’ve been waiting for”, and listening to ‘Lemonade’, it gets blindingly clear that they have got something going on, something to back this bold claim. What Solar Jam manages -with effortless ease it seems- on ‘Lemonade’ is to create a refreshing breeze using groove, melodies, attitude, and some juicy-sounding mixing.

Fronted by Joe Jackson whose soulful belts are equally hip, capable, and quirky, the band is starting a new thing that they are calling ‘Indie Groove’. Indeed, the song blends an east-coast alt sound, a la No Doubt, with its pronounced groove pocket courtesy of Nick Davies on the drums and Harry Brown’s bass, and crunchy rhythm guitars, with clear tendencies towards funk, delivered by Jacob De Jongh.

With a superb base, Solar Jam are displaying some uber-adequate knack for songwriting on ‘Lemonade’. With its multiple distinct sections, awesome lines throughout each section, featuring memorable melodies, in addition to the main chord pattern and its dramatic flair, and ending with the fantastic solo and guitar ad-libs, ‘Lemonade’ is a thoroughly calculated stunner that sounds deceptively light and floozy, while being one of the best-written songs we’ve heard in 2023.

Do not miss out on the gorgeous sounding recordings on ‘Lemonade’. Some gorgeous guitar and bass tones, crystal clear cymbals alongside punchy kick and snare, and an ultra-charismatic vocal take, all mixed to amazing effect. ‘Lemonade’ is a true breath of fresh, fresh air.