Paul Crupi

“Lemonade” is much more than a song to Paul Crupi; it’s a reflection of the artist’s current state of mind and revelation. It’s a shift in his musical perspective and mood from writing about heartbreak, loss, and all that accompanies them to a more cheerful, and hopeful sound. Why the sudden shift? All Thanks to his newborn daughter that gave the artist a fresh perspective on life and broadened his vision. “Lemonade” is his latest single and first release this year; a folk song with a bundle of optimism without being too upbeat or hyped up, just the right amount to draw a smile on your face and get you thinking about how life is simple when we slow down and breathe. A song about gratitude and appreciating what we have and appreciating the ones we love, all reflected with happy guitar tunes, fun drumbeats, chill vibes, and soft vocals.  The song came to its best form with the help of remarkable musicians that Paul met online like Marty Zylstra who co-wrote the lyrics with Crupi, Vladislav Leskovsky on drums who is also the mixing and mastering engineer, Marek Skvarenina on organ, Rene Lacko on lead guitar, and Paul Crupi on bass, and vocals. It was recorded at Whatever Studio owned by the sound engineer and drummer Vladislav Leskovsky which is in Slovakia. So, If you’re ever feeling down, this is surely your go-to song.


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