Have you ever tried to kill someone in your head? Well, musicians can kill people with their music, and you get to enjoy the cleansing feeling. Mishkin Fitzgerald & The Chemical Perils’ fittingly titled song, “Legs Broken,” carries a revenge sound and soul where you can imagine the one who bothered you the most and get your vendetta.

Mishkin Fitzgerald & The Chemical Perils is a brand-new band that gathers ace musicians who offer an organic blended sound where the finest punk, rock, and folk meet. Mishkin, the lead singer and pianist in the British orchestral punk-rock band “Birdeatsbaby,” is the one who founded this fiery project, and the ones who make the equation explode are Garry Mitchel on double bass and brass, Anna Mylee on percussion, Hana Piranha on violin, Jacy de Sousa on saxophone and flute, and Jonny Parlett on guitar and vocals.

“Legs Broken” is the band’s debut single, and it’s a hell of a start that introduces their sound and character so well! All of the elements are enticing and work together to keep you on your toes, thrilled, and engaged for the nearly five-minute track.

The single opens gently, but not with the peaceful kind of tenderness, but rather with the calmness of the start of a horror movie. Once the vocals and instruments kick off a massacre vibe, it fills the air as it’s vibrant in a brutal way, giving a guilty-pleasure type of excitement.

The velvety, edgy-timbered female vocals, along with the raspy, punky male vocals, both have a grudge-flout attitude that presents the single’s theme savagely. They have an amazing chemistry, which makes the tug-of-war performance sincere.

The instrumentation is as ardent and angry as the vocals, which keeps the song’s energy at its peak. The groovy rhythm is both wild and danceable at once, and it conveys the urge that you better watch out and shake a leg too! The offering of a soft intro and outro feels like the calm before and after the storm, like the bloody mission is done and now peace is spread just like it was before it.

The lyrics, written in the style of conversational storytelling, capture the tension and mutual vindictiveness. This catchy storytelling maneuver is inspired by Mishkin’s Greek, accordion/piano-playing grandma, as well as the obvious Jewish flair. To be immersed in both the song’s and band’s personas, it’s a must-watch music video that you’ll get addicted to as much as the song itself.

“Legs Broken” introduces the authenticity of Mishkin Fitzgerald & The Chemical Perils and how they brilliantly mix genres, instruments, and talents. It also serves as a teaser for the upcoming EP “Graces Cradle,” which will be out on January 28, 2023. Wait for it, because there’s no doubt that it’s going to be legendary!