Punk rock is alive…and very passionately kicking with Love Ghost’s latest single “Left On Read”…

The LA based musical group is tackling a modern issue here, from what the song’s name implies, it’s being left on read, with no reply from the other party…adding that the urban dictionary describes this as being the highest level of disrespect a human can receive.

Taking this concept and talking about it in one of the most lively musical genres, punk rock, yeah…you know you’re in for some explosive energy musical experience.

“Left On Read” is also evolving the genre in hybrid-izing it with some elements from other genres too…doing some genre-bending right there…

…starting the anthemic “Left On Read”…the guitars set the mood for a punk rock experience, the drums then reinforces this approach…the song has a very powerful melodic drive that pushes it forward…and the vocals are classically punk, but midway, the vocals go into a more of a pop-rap kind of delivery…that changes everything.

Love Ghost are adding new, evolved and unique aesthetics to the punk rock world on both the musical and the visual side too…because there’s also the fact that the song drops with a music video…a very artistically pastel-ish colored one, with some doodly motion graphics that enhances the visual experience, adding more depth to the whole storytelling experience.

Love Ghost has been releasing one successful hit after the other, getting praised by the Rolling Stone, American Songwriter, FLAUNT and many more…they’ve also recently just had a European tour, playing the Rockpalast festival and got on German TV performing there.

Love Ghost is breathing new life in the rock punk world, a much needed breath of fresh life.

We wish the band all the best and we can’t wait to see what they have next for the world to experience.