Hailing from Brooklyn, USA the post-punk band “Mooncultshines upon the genre it represents and releases their second single titled “Leave Me Here” after releasing “Grips The Air”.

Mooncult is producing their music in the most post-punky way that there is, preserving the genre they intend to represent as the music is highly expressive and contemporary, you might hear a Nirvana influence, but it’s a contemporary one.


Leave Me Here” begins with a collided guitar riff with some post-punk drumming, a silly riff that sways you along with a rock n’ roll vibe.

I like the guitar riffs and solos that are played throughout the track by the fingers of “Rajeev Ananda” giving the track an enormous depth along with the drums that are being played by “Tia Cestaro”. 

The band “Moonculthave upcoming gigs, the first at THE NEW COLOSSUS on 18th June, and the second at Ward Brewing on June 24th, so make sure you never miss those gigs; hearing some wonderful vocals from Raven Mystere. 

Guitars are my favorite instrument here but it wouldn’t have been so much great without the bass lines that are being played by Grover Doyle, a bass line that you could hear on the speakers and not only on headsets. 

Mooncult killed it with their second single “Leave Me Here” so why don’t you leave me here for some time to enjoy such Post-Punk aesthetics?