Have you ever decided to give up everything and start over? Was it your choice or were you forced by something? But before this, did you know the meaning of choice? And the meaning of starting over? An inner psychological discussion that Sydney-based Australian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and pianist, Jeremy (AKA Avresa), shares with us through his latest release, “Leave It All.”

“In a little while

I’ll be significant

I can be more

I can be

But for who?”

Avresa says of his song that it’s a “spell,” while I see it as a psychologically realistic recipe of a special type. Although the song’s title is “Leave It All,” the first verse implies that one is able to return stronger and greater. It’s a positive message without a doubt, starting with the employment of Indie Rock music, which encourages and motivates you to believe in yourself and your abilities, and your ability to control the life choices that can make you happier.

“A ticket will be in hand

When I get there

Setting alight the plan

All this time

When I should have hit the brake

Paying for

Attempts to reciprocate.”

If I advised you to “leave it all,” would I be wrong? Probably not, because I’m telling you what Avresa says to get rid of toxic relationships, fake friendships, and even your own expectations of yourself, and give yourself a reminder to start over, for real.

“What I ought to do is find a way

To accept this is what I’ve become.”

“I have to remember I have to surrender

To move on.”


“I will breakthrough to find a way

To leave it all

And reinvent.”

“Leave It All” is a true invitation to rediscover yourself and move beyond everything that hurts you. Being honest and realizing that you are going the wrong way, and here can be confrontation and acceptance of defeat, being ready to leave everything behind and move forward, and making the decision to start over somewhere with another person or people.

I think it’s time for you to listen to “Leave It All” and make up your mind.


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