With 8 EPs and several singles up their sleeves, the rocking trio The Ruby Tears shows their diverse influences as they steer towards a new direction on their latest single Learn to Fly. Offering a refreshing mood with its spacious sound and flowing melodies, Learn to Fly will take you on a chilling journey. Let me tell you more about it.

The Ruby Tears smoothly opened Learn to Fly with warm arpeggios, deep bass, and expressive vocals, introducing the perfect build-up for the heavily melodic tune to come. They slowly and cleverly started pushing their sound forward towards a bigger, more open one with a subtle progression, mainly guided by fluidly streaming melodies in a multi-layered well-arranged structure. Learn to Fly‘s structure offers hooking, mellow twists with a soothing dreamy sound that stays intact throughout its escalating flow, keeping on with its haunting mood while adding more layers and elements, enriching their sound and strengthening the song’s emotional, heart-hitting melodies.

Learn to Fly is a solid tune that shows The Ruby Tears‘ deep rocking roots and top-notch writing skills. They managed to create such an irresistible flow that smoothly carries the listeners throughout the song’s shifts, while cleverly handling diverse elements in a detailed extremely melodic writing that perfectly connects to the listeners emotionally right from the first note. Looking forward to more from The Ruby Tears, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!