Eric Dash’s latest single is a heartstopper show of guitar-driven soul, pop, and rock. Balanced, weighted, and impressively slow, ‘Learn From Last Time’ is a soulful ballad that punches way above its weight and lands fairly impressive hits.

Eric Dash is a musician and producer who is currently stationed in Los Angeles, and with an overdriven tone that is luxurious, guitar chops that are juicy, and a vocal delivery that is fluently soulful, there is nothing stopping Dash from catching up to the mega-stardom of John Mayor other than the beastly media machine backing the -super talented in his own right- latter.

Leaving the comparisons behind, Eric Dash displays on ‘Learn From Last Time’ his unique flairs that set him apart from his peers. A dynamic ballad, the instrumental behind Dash’s 2 weapons features some lush keyboards and a supremely tight rhythm section that never settles for a moment, driving the song -along with Dash’s heartbroken words and sizzling guitar leads- confidently forward. An extremely well-balanced mix makes for a delightful listening experience. Silken smooth soul rock in all its melancholic sweetness.

Eric Dash is a capable and worthy addition to the varied palette of guitar-wielding musicians worth staying up to speed with. A skilled veteran whose experience shows in every infliction he sings and every lick he plays with expert restraint. The bittersweet rocker ‘Learn From Last Time’ is an appropriate introduction to Dash’s superb catalog.