In 2022 Lebanese thrash metal veterans PHENOMY released their third album entitled “Syndicate Of Pain” and the sixth track “Lead Me To My Throne” was released as a single with an accompanying music video to promote it. The song is part of the story of the album, as it was written as a concept album. 

The song begins with an acoustic guitar chord progression and some drum programming/industrial percussions that gave me the impression that this will be an industrial track, especially since the vocals were relatively cleaner and softer than usual. Suddenly, the growls begin with a groovy guitar riff and a stompy bassline. The drums give a tight and thunderous performance during the verses to make them sound extra thrashy and have that old-school vibe to them.

The chorus has these melodic clean vocals which show a cool diversity from the deep growls of the verses – an arrangement that’s highly reminiscent of bands that mix thrash and core such as Trivium, Lamb of God, and The Agonist. The bassline of the chorus sounds very special and melodic as well. After the second chorus, we hear a breakdown with the words “Save Me, Heal Me” screamed by the vocalist at the top of his lungs, followed by an extended guitar solo and the breakdown riff keeps repeating as the rhythmic part behind it. This choice of songwriting made it very special and extra heavy to my ears and I couldn’t stop headbanging. After that, we get one more chorus with clean vocals, followed by some screams and then a super thrashy outro and I could visualize myself fighting in a mosh pit while this is played on stage. 

That final section is so intense you will repeat the song to get its strong and groovy kick once again. The same clean guitar of the intro plays once again and then it fades out to beautifully end the song and make you crave more of the heavier parts once again. This song was a great choice for a single because of its amazing lyric work and diverse vocal styles. If you’re a fan of thrash/groove bands that play with a clear guitar tone and add some modern vibes to it, then Phenomy are definitely your go-to.

Watch “Lead to My Throne” Music Video Here