Saying that post-punk outfit Turquoise mixes the best of both worlds in their latest single Le bruit would be an understatement. When you think of the words synth-pop and darkwave nowadays, you might get an idea that a band will be doing the same monotonous thing we have all been used to since the 80s. But when I first heard Le bruit, I was blown away. I felt this single could have been released sometime in the 2000s and wouldn’t feel out of place. 

Hailing from Brussels, Belgium, these guys begin the track with an electronic beat that instantly reminded me of bands like Alphaville and The Eurythmics. But as the bass guitar (played by Maxime Wathieu) and the haunting vocals (of Sarah Boom) kick in, you instantly feel a sense of darkness that only bands like Depeche Mode could bring to the table. The song’s polished production gives it a modern feel that makes it playable in clubs where numerous fans would love to dance and vibe with it. The Synths played by Sarah Boom and Nicolas Van Peteghem hold some sort of battle with the guitars of Mr. Maxime Lombaerts in a beautifully balanced way. 

The basslines are fluid and feel like a big wall of sound that’s never ending, and this adds to the groovy dancy effect of the song, and it’s probably my favorite element of the whole track. You can’t unhear the t.A.T.u influence in their sound, and I was left in awe by how modern synth-pop vibes are flawlessly mixed with a typical 80s goth/post-punk atmosphere. Le bruit is a great song to rave to your goth parties or EBM clubs, and considering how young the band is, they sound mature and highly accomplished.

Photo credits: Oliver Bourgi, Quentin Perot, Renaud Monfourny, and Caro Focus.