In the cultural milieu, he is known as “TONTON”. A music lover and activist, he is also the president of the Association pour l’intégration et le développement durable, an NGO that campaigns to preserve and develop Tasemmit, a valley located in the Middle Atlas and inhabited by AïtSlimane.
A big loss for the Moroccan media world. The journalist and man of letters Amale Samie has passed away. The one affectionately nicknamed “Uncle” went away this Saturday, January 27th. The author and columnist had been admitted a few days ago in a clinic of the metropolis.
Amale Samie also received in 1991 the Grand Atlas prize for his book “Cedars and whales of the Atlas,” published by Le Fennec. In 1998, Amale Samie signed “Die for Two Ideas,” another noted novel in which he revisits the small world of politics, recalls the weekly.

Following the successful and sold out 2017 L’BOULEVARD Festival, the annual gathering will return again to R.U.C. Casablanca on September 14-23, 2018. L’BOULEVARD has become MOROCCO’s fastest growing summer music festival, anchored in the love of live music. The multi-genre music festival offers 3 stages of world class performances ranging from Rap, Fusion , Rock/Metal to conscious roots music. This year’s eclectic lineup will feature sets from Septicflesh (Greek Symphonic/Melodic Death Metal) , The ONB, l’Orchestre National de Barbès, Shayfeen + Madd, Mad Professor & The Robotiks, SofianeSaidi and Mazalda, d’Africa Band – Moroccan Tribute to Pink Floyd , Abdellah Hassak, alias DJ Guedra Guedra , Mbokka Project…… along with a long list of other talented acts that offer amazing performances live. Other primary attractions include all day offerings of circus, workshops, art, theater, activism…., and all the fun and co-creative excitement that can be packed into a 3-day camping festival. All told, L’BOULEVARD FEST 2018 will feature well over 20 scheduled performances and presentations throughout.

If metal is your music genre of choice; then the L’BOULEVARD Festival should be on your radar. This celebration of all things metal has been luring festival-goers to Casablanca, Morocco since 2000, with annual attendance counts of over 135,000 fans. In addition to the main line-up of metal artists from around the world, there is also plenty of rock, fusion, rap and other alternative music to fit every taste. The intimate size of the concert grounds and numerous camping options make it a true musical retreat.

Back to the competition The TREMPLIN will be held at the famous sports complex R.U.C from September 14th until September 16th, with the participation of 19 groups from various regions of the Kingdom including Casablanca, Tangier, Meknes, Fes, Agadir, Khemisset, Essaouira, Kenitra. There will be a number of different musical styles, six “rock/metal” bands, eight “Rap/Hip-Hop”, and five “World/Fusion” Bands will be present. Two groups will be the winners, and will receive a professional music training at Boultek, as well as the recording of two titles, and finally a concert on the Boulevard 2018 stage!


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