The Moroccan Tangier band, Lazywall has released their third album Square Minds In Round Headsafter first album Apoptosia back in 2009 and their second album Restart in 2010. The Tangier Modern Rock band has again taken another leap forward as musicians and songwriters.

There is something so reliable about Lazywall’s work as the trio brothers and friends. You know they will provide moments of brilliance, emotions and uplifting orchestral sections along with a 46 minutes long album. The band is capable to never put out the same thing twice and find ways to take chances that makes each album an adventure all its own.

With their latest Square Minds In Round Headse specially song ‘475’– which is a tribute song to Amina Filali, the victim of law article 475. This song featurs Reda All ali from Hoba Hoba Spirit, Hamid El Hadri, Nawel Ben Kraiem, Sarah Ariche, Younes Fakhar, Mark Levine. Mixed by multiple Grammy awards winner Anton Pukshansky in Los Angeles. Lazywall provides no shortage of what fans desire and adds what they didn’t know they wanted to hear.


The album kicks off with the up beat rock track‘Awake’. It talks about how stress destroys ourminds,itincorporatessomelayered vocal harmonies over Nao’ synthsounds. The band have alwaysshined in the instrumental sections and whichwereallycan’t argue about.Youssef’sguitaris as recognizable as ever and the solos are a sign of more greatthings to come throughout the album.

One of the highlights of the album is the second track ‘Never Again’. The song is about corruption the video is based on the famous story of the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf. Check out the video:

‘Cold’ is another favorite on the record, it’s a bit slower than the previous tracks, tempo wise. The song talks about lost love. Thingsjust continue to get better with the album’s best track, featuring Sarah Ariche,just continues the assault with some impressive soloing in the middle section and ate very fill. This isthe difference with these guys. They never get you bored and keep you guessing.

‘475’ is a tribute to Amina Filali, the victim of article 475 from Moroccan penal code, who committed suicide after being forced to marry her rapist.

‘Love and Friends’ regrets of the ederly in their deathbed, video is biography of the band members ‘trio brothers’ (Youssef & Nao & Monz),

I was really impressed with this track ‘White Sun’, which, is around 5:45 minutes long.This song speaks of a desert trip, with an addition of the lute (the oud) whichgive the music a beautiful oriental effect on the song.

Lazywall continues to accomplish exemplary musical successes on their new studio effort, Square Minds In Round Heads which is also shortened to SMIRH. Even during the moments where the band expresses creativity and introduces new elements into their original style, Lazywall continue to keep the end product sounding familiar. Should the members of Lazywall transition back into full-length albums? The experience alone from trying their hands at new musical territory will ultimately play in the band’s favor, as the music they’ve released throughout these three digestible releases is amongst their best material in decades.

This is one of the best albums of the year and hopefully not the last album to hear from this amazing band.


  • 01. Awake
  • 02. Never Again
  • 03. Cold (feat. Sarah Ariche)
  • 04. A House On a Hill
  • 05. 475 (Feat. Hamid El Hadri, RedaAllali, Nawel Ben Kraiem, Sarah Ariche, Mark Levine& Younes Fakhar)
  • 06. Love&Friends
  • 07. White Sun
  • 08. Scarcity
  • 09. Tkarfess& Sacrifice
  • 10. Voices
  • 11. Love &Friends (feat. LazPallagi)


  • Nao: Vocals/Bass
  • Monz: Drums/BackVocals
  • Youssef: Guitars
  • Younes Fakhar: Oud/Moual
  • Richy: Darbouka & Bendi

Written by : Yassine Siyaf
Edited by : NJ Bakr

Original Release Date: Mar 22, 2015
Release Date: Mar 22, 2015
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