With 6 studio albums, a number of awards, and lots of live performances up their sleeves, the Icelandic rockers Arstidir are back with their unique sound and diverse influences. The trio is planning to drop their new record “BLIK” in March 2023 so, they released their pandemic-written single “Later On” to give us a taste of what to expect, let’s see how it goes.

Arstidir led us softly to their world with a warm melodic intro loaded with emotions before smoothly transitioning into a more upbeat sound, the way they stuck to their warm sound while shifting from mellow to groovy parts is pretty interesting especially, how they arranged and layered the orchestrations, electronic beats, keys, and funky heavy bass in this interesting structure. I loved the mood “Later On” dwells around, it’s a little bit dark and filled with emotions but, at the same time explores big bright sounds at some parts in a bittersweet heartfelt mix, topped by the warm expressive vocal melody that kept that mix intact. 

“Later On” is a fluid smooth sound journey with Arstidir that soothingly connects you with some deep emotions that hits you with every word and note. I loved its flow and heartfelt melodies and how they carefully steered every part to keep it all together, I’m definitely going to check a lot of Arstidir’s old stuff and will be looking forward to more future releases, keep on rocking guys, cheers!