Yafei Qi

Simple electro bass lines that shift your mood totally and turn you into a dancing machine. 

Resembling love, lust and obsession from Oslo, Norway the storyteller and musician Georg Óskar releasing a single titled “Late Night Good Night” a part of his to-be-released album “Worst Wait of Our Life” to be released on Jan 15th to mark a bouncing start of the year.

Late Night Good Night” is a late-night psychedelic electro theme track before a straight smashing blackout that sends you good night. The synths along the house beat blasting bass are fiercely shaky and electricity buzzing bodies and also, the drums that engrave the moves across your body and pump the beat to your chest. I was making a cup of tea when I first played the track and it turned me instantly to a hot drinks bartender dancing around the kitchen.

The vocal storytelling is expressing the emotions along the synths and interprets the meanings the track is resonating with, along with some transitions of arrangements in instruments that drowns you deeper into the psychedelic atmosphere the track offers.

Late Night Good Night” is a nightclub essential and I wouldn’t recommend that you smoke some or swallow some and travel along the neon lights within your vision cause you might be lost ij that trip if you do. I’d say play it and wear some shades and dance it off.

The track has easily triggered my need to listen to the seven-track album that will be released on Jan 15th, specially when the outro was as psychedelic and open ending as it could be.